Tour the Old City of Jerusalem

Tour the Old City of Jerusalem

Tour the Old City in English

It is possible to spend a lifetime enjoying the old city of Jerusalem. Fortunately for you, we are also capable of paring it down to her essence; to show off highlights, to shed light on inner workings, to explain conflicts and to illuminate secrets.

Are you interested in Jerusalem's rich history? Of the triumphs and defeats of the empires who tried to rule her? Of key families, living generation after generation within the walls, their own history inseparably entwined with that of the city? Or perhaps of individuals who left their own personal mark on Jerusalem, to be forever remembered by it?

Maybe you are drawn by the warring architecture of her walls, battlements and lost moat? Her unique monuments, styled by various eras, religions, politics and even climate. The reasoning behind her geography and street names? The stories behind the scenes of her distinct buildings?

Are you curious about the myriad cultures of the residents? To witness where property translates into power and to understand the forces conflicted in the struggle for control?

Perhaps Jerusalem is your symbol of a spiritual pilgrimage? To focus on one faith embodied in the Holy City or to explore diverse beliefs that all claim her as their own yet need to coexist side by side? Is Jerusalem on your bucket list? Do you desire to see her most famous and important sites? Or to uncover and possess little-known secrets?

Jerusalem is all-encompassing. Let us tailor your personal Jerusalem experience according to your individual preferences and time frame.

Ayala Orbach is a licensed tour guide (English & Hebrew). Cellphone +972-52-6430216.


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